Friday, June 10, 2011

Ep 5 Food Coma

Over the moon with my Itunes reviews. Thanks to the Knitting Podcast Blog for adding me to the list!!

My Podcast Mention!!

A little about my Tijuana life. Been searching for a local yarn shop but no luck yet.

My Colonia El Guaycura

Adobada Pic

I will take pics of my fave food places and post!!!

Brother is coming home for R&R (hopefully soon!!).

Story about my car and how it got me fed LOL.

Yes I am a soccer fan but only when my favorite teams play :)

Gold Cup 2011 Schedule (if your interested)


My first finished object since I strated the Podcast!!!

My Citron is washed, blocked & terminado!!!! (spanish word of the podcast "finished"). Pics to come soon.

The Momma and Baby Monsters pattern by Rebecca Danger in The Big Book of Knitted Monsters

So Far...

Using odd balls of yarn. For the mommy body I used left over Yarn Absolute Wool in pink that I used in my nieces Escuelita Sweater. I have now started the CC color for the pockets, arms and legs in a deep wine color and I think its Caron Simply Soft. Finished the body, pockets, legs, and one arm. Need to cast on second arm.
US 6 knitpicks options needles

Need to remember to stick my Scylla socks in my purse.


I lost 4 ounces of spun yarn to a "pretty" day. Using a mixer to unwind yarn onto a toilet paper roll is a good idea however the execution needs to be better planned out. And an even prettier moment where I thought I could unwind it ended up in an even bigger tragedy. Oh the humanity!!

Started an Abstract Fiber BFL 4 oz braid. But not much progress since I am still in mourning :'(.

Not much sewing and strongly considering getting my own machine.

I talk about my Gilmore Girl addiction and the new Breaking Dawn Trailer.


The Big Book of Knitted Monsters Rebecca Danger

Patons Kroy Socks sock yarn in a Gentry Grety (super charcoal gray) for 2.79!! Reg 4.99.

True Blood Season 3 (Season 4 begins June 26th at 9pm)

Spoiler Alert!!
First 6 minutes released

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Purple Hair

Talk a little bit about my days, Game of Thrones, and how I almost blew my house up once.


Started the Wendy Knits Mystery Shawl from
Using 50/50 Merino/Silk blend from Knit Fit Knitting in the Cliff Diving colorway, another skein from the Twilight Sock Club, in a grayish/purplish color.
Needles are US6 interchangeables from Knitpicks with a 32inch cable.

On my last repeat of my Citron by Hilary Smith Callis

Just swatched for the Leaf Border Hooded Jacket by Kristen Rengren.
Using Berroco Sox sock yarn 75/25 Merino SW/Nylon blend in self striping oranges/pinks/reds.
Needles are Knitpicks Harmonys in US3

Scylla Socks and Mondo Cable Cardi in haitus.

No actual spinning but bought some awesome fiber and silk.

Talked about the Silk Spinning Tutorial. 

Give and awesome exfoliating tip for silk spinning.

No sewing yet again....

Can't remember what I finished off with LOL...

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ep3 Where has all the Knitting gone?

Show Notes

I talk about my reasons for knitting distractions including my trip to San Felipe!!!

A little knitting on my Scylla Sock.

Started a Citron By Hilary Smith Callis with a stashed yarn Knit Fit Knitting Footsie in the Victoria colorway form a Twilight themed Sock Yarn club. Twilight!!!


Finished to handspun hanks!!

The Orange Fiber: 100% wool (I think) in pretty fall oranges. Finished by soaking, wacking, and even winding it into a ball using a make shift nostepinne. (never again!). Got about 180 yd.

The Pink Fiber: 80/20 Merion/Silk Louet in a pretty bright pink with flecks of white. Finished Andean Plying it on my spindle, soaked, and wacked it. Also used the nostepinne method to wind. (forever!) Got about 380 yd.


None. :(

Thanked Kalendargirl at the Brass Needles Podcast for mentioning me on her podcast. Got some new listeners!!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ep2 Coming Back for More

Show Notes


Still on my Mondo Cable Cardi out of Jasper Berroco in Capao Bonito

Knit a little on my Scylla Sock out of Ella Rae Lace Merino in 118

Want to start a shawl out of linen yarn. Need to make a trip to my LYS

Still planning on starting a few small projects :)


Spun a little more of my Wool/Seacell fiber. Making a goal to wash and wack my finished hank and also to finish plying my singles sitting on my spindle.


Finally installed my first zipper on my niece's Escuelita Sweater. Not the greatest sewing but the zipper stayed on :). Mi Escuelita Pattern by Rosi Garmendia

Thanked Roue from the Knitcents podcast and mentioned The Knitmore Girls, The Knitwits, Brass Needles, The Knit Girllls. Go listen and watch!!!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Episode 1 Shaky Start

In this podcast I talk about my current knitting, spinning, and sewing projects.

Mondo Cable Cardi in Berroco Jasper colorway Capao Bonito

Scylla Socks w/ Ella Rae Lace Merino in 118 colorway


Spinning some 70/30 wool/sea cell blend in bright pinks/turquoise/blues/purples and pastels. Reminded myself I still have to finish plying some wool on my spindle.


Sewed a couple of project bags and matching notion box bags for my first sewing projects.

Grocery Bag Style Sewing Pattern

Box Bag Sewing Pattern Tutorial

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